Don Toliver on possibly doing collab album with Baby Keem: “It’d be dangerous”


and both appeared on each other's respective albums

Don Toliver released his second studio album, Life of a Don, on October 8 and he recently appeared on Apple Music Beats 1 for an interview with Ebro where he opened up about the album and other topics. 

Ebro asked the Cactus Jack rapper if there were possibilities of a joint album with PG Lang artist Baby Keem. “Is Baby Keem somebody like that, that you could really be like, yo, we could do 10 records?” Ebro asked. Don then gave a positive response. “Oh no, , facts. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It'd be dangerous.”

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The “Flocky Flocky” rapper also revealed how he first linked up with Keem. “I just randomly hit him up, reached out to him, and just let him know I wanted to work,” he began.

“I pulled up on him one day in L.A. We did the record on his album Melodic Blue, “Cocoa.” That's the one I'm on with him. I did that and from there we just kicked it off, you know what I'm saying? There's not too many people out here in the industry that I really click with or understand too well. He's a great guy.”

Following the “Cocoa” collaboration, Don Toliver and Baby Keem reunited again on the former's album on the track  “Outerspace.”

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