Cordae says Nahmir gave him his blessings before dropping YBN from his name

Cordae also said none of the three rappers owned the YBN brand

Ever since Cordae dropped YBN from his moniker last year, many fans were left wondering about the nature of his relationship with Nahmir and Almighty Jay. During a recent interview with Genius, The Lost Boy rapper explained why he left the collective. He also revealed that he asked Nahmir for his blessings before changing his stage name. 

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“I remember when I dropped YBN,” he said. “It wasn’t a popular thing at the time. I was gettin’ killed online. And I got tough skin, like, this just what come with the game. I don’t be trippin’ off anything.” He went on to talk about the collective ownership. “Can’t be talkin’ to kids about ownership and all of this when we pushin’ this brand that we don’t even own.”

“Obviously, it goes without saying, it ain’t nothin’ against Nahmir and Jay. Before I came to the conclusion that I was gon’ drop the three letters, I called Nahmir and I asked for his blessing. That was what was most important to me, I don’t care what anybody else thinks.”