Ralo acknowledges Lil Baby’s loyalty for sending him $50k while in jail


shares heartfelt message

rapper Ralo has been locked up since April 2018 after the feds busted him for 100 kilos of marijuana, but with support from the community, the rapper has been pushing for his freedom.

On Sunday (November 14), a clip surfaced on social media of Ralo speaking on a jail call, thanking the family and specifically for sending him $50k.

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The incarcerated rapper also mentioned Baby's kindness in a heartfelt message for the late Marlo, his fellow ATLien and close friend who was shot and killed last summer. Ralo shared several photos including some of him, Lil Baby and Marlo from the “Lil Cali and Pakistan” video shoot.

“Dear Marlo, I love & miss you with every piece of me. I always thought I was going to come home to you, so we can turn up at all the welcome home Ralo parties,” he wrote in the caption. “Sometimes I think that this jail shit saved my life because with the mindset I had, it only lead to this an death […] The last time we was all together was at the ‘Lil Cali & Pakistan' video shoot, that's why that video mean so much to me.”

He added, “Lil Baby kept it real he sent me $50k, I spent it all on merch an made $200k. Im still going to of them kids when I land, I keep Tammy in my heart.”

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