Tay K calls for Kim Kardashian's help after Kyle Rittenhouse's acquaintance

Tay K calls for Kim Kardashian’s help after Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquaintance


reaches out to Kim Kardashian for assistance

On Friday (November 19), 17-year old Rittenhouse was acquitted of his double homicide charges from the infamous deadly incident where he killed two people and injured three with an assault rifle. Tay K's fans didn't hesitate to call for the Texas rapper's release following Kyle's release.

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Tay K joined his fans in the pursuit of his freedom by retweeting a message from a fan pointing out injustice in his case. “[Rittenhouse] caught 3 bodies and beat the case but tayk got 55 years smh,” the tweet read. 

Tay also reposted several social media posts with the same sentiments and tagged Kim Kardashian who is well known for helping incarcerated people fight for justice. 

In , Tay K was sentenced to 55 years in prison after he was convicted of the 2017 murder of Ethan Walker. Earlier this year, the Santana World rapper announced that his defense team filed for an appeal and that there is hope for him to come sooner than we think. 

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