Nardo Wick explains a recent statement about robbing people after receiving backlash

Nardo Wick announces debut album 'Who is Nardo Wick' dropping this Friday

Nardo Wick explains that he was talking about his past

Rapper Nardo Wick recently appeared on an interview with the Big Facts Podcast where he recounted days when he preferred making thousands of dollars robbing people rather than making far less from regular jobs. Due to miscommunication or whatever reasons, Nardo’s story backfired.

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On Thursday (Dec 30), the Who Is Nardo Wick rapper hopped on his Instagram stories to enlighten the masses about what he said on the Big Facts Podcast. In the statement, he makes it clear that he was simply answering a question he was asked about his past, and that it’s not his intent to influence anyone to choose the life of crime.

“Im not tryna influence nobody to go rob nobody, they asked a question about MY PAST and I answered it,” he wrote. “That’s what I was doing when I was 15-16 years old, A product of my environment. My mama had just came home from prison and it was a hard time for us and we ain’t have nothing. I would never tell or try to convince a young black man or anyone period to crash out!”

“I changed my life and started taking rapping serious because I knew that I wouldn’t make it if I kept doing what I was doin,” he continued. “There is nothing wrong with a job, robbing ain’t cool at all and I ain’t try to make it seem cool I was speaking on past events.” He added he was “young and dumb” and has since “changed for the better.”

During the interview earlier in the week, Nardo explained that it was easier for him to make more money robbing people than enrolling in a job. “I would just look at it like, I would go rob a n***a and get this much, why would I go to work for a week?” Nardo, who turned 20 on Thursday, revealed. “But you got to think, for real. If I go do this to somebody and get $7,000, $5,000 […] why I’m finna go to work for two weeks and make $500? Hell no.”