Kodak Black arrested for trespassing at his old neighborhood on New Year’s Eve


visited his old neighborhood Greenacres near Pompano Beach on New Year's Eve to hang out with friends, give out gifts, and pay credit card debts for five families. Apparently, Kodak's visit attracted the cops who showed up and busted the rapper on a misdemeanor trespass charge, TMZ reports. 

Kodak's presence in Greenacres reportedly violated a cease & desist letter produced in September 2021 to counter the “Closure” rapper's visit in the same hood where he gave away 100 AC units, an act that provoked the local Housing Authority

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Kodak's attorney, Bradford Cohen, described the arrest as baseless since the C&D letter wasn't directly sent to his client but instead to his label. He also argued that the letter doesn't prohibit the 24-year-old rapper from going to the area. 

The rapper was reportedly booked around 3 AM and released a few hours later on a $25 bond. It's yet to be known if the arrest will affect his supervised release. It's been around a year since Kodak was pardoned by Trump.

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