NBA YoungBoy’s ‘Colors’ mixtape release date pushed back to next Friday


Five tracks are available from YoungBoy's tape, on platforms

's mixtape, Colors, failed to release on Friday as it was initially planned. The rapper and his team have moved the mixtape's release date to next Friday (January 21). Reasons for the delay are currently unknown.

Several sources associated with the rapper have shared the new release date on social media.

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As fans wait for the project to drop, they can stream the mixtape teaser with five songs from the tape. The tracks on the teaser include the controversial “Bring the Hook,” “Fish Scale,” “Emo Rockstar,” “Emo Love,” and “Foolish Figure.”

YoungBoy stirred up on Thursday (January 13), when he dropped “Bring the Hook,” a record that captures him dissing Chicago's infamous neighborhood O'block, the gang, and their dead member and rapper, .

“Ni**a, this that Squid Game, O-Block pack get rolled up, Murder what they told us, boy get fold up,” Youngboy raps on the aggressive track. The rapper is seemingly referring to the infamous neighborhood in Chicago O'Block and Von who was killed in Atlanta in November by one of the crew members of YB's associate, .

appeared to be firing back in an Instagram post later on that day: “Don't claim it if ain't do it you still a bitch,” Durk captioned a photo of him beside Von's mural.

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