NBA YoungBoy to reportedly take six months off the public to work on his album


YoungBoy released his new mixtape on Friday (Jan. 21) and now working on his next album

After dropping his Colors mixtape on Friday (January 21), is allegedly taking a six-month break from the public eye as he readies his third studio album.

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On Friday (January 21), YoungBoy's producer and engineer Jason “Cheese” Goldberg shared via Instagram a message reading, “A select few songs probably (maybe) will drop from now until then but Top will not be seen or heard from into his album approximately #6months from now we have some amazing songs for you thank you for everything #HealingTime #RockPeace #ForeverBro.”

The Baton Rouge sensation dropped his project, Colors, on Friday. With 20 tracks and a sole feature from , Youngboy unleashed a mixture of Emo-style and aggressive as is evident in his previous projects.

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