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Pimp C only recorded 8 bars for his “Big Pimpin’” verse because he hated the beat

Pimp C only recorded 8 bars as his “Big Pimpin’” verse because he hated the beat

Pimp C didn't like the beat for Big Pimpin'

Jay-Z released his fourth studio album Vol. 3… Life and Times of S. Carter on December 28, 1999. The album's third and final single “Big Pimpin'” featured the Southern legendary duo over the beat produced by Timbaland.

of UGK didn't like the beat for “Big Pimpin'” “It sounded like a pop record to me… I didn't want to do it. It scared me, because I didn't know how people was going to take us going in that direction.” Pimp C told MTV's Sway in 2005.

He continued saying told him ‘Look, family: It's going to be the biggest record of your career. If you don't do it for yourself, just do it for me.' “That was good enough for me, so I jumped on it.” Pimp C said.

With convincing from his UGK partner and Jay-Z himself, Pimp C agreed to record the verse only if it would be 8 bars long. “I said that's cool, eight bars, no problem, just get on the fucking record,” Bun B said, he continued saying “This song's gonna be a big deal. He sent it (Pimp C's verse) back to me and I listened. Eight bars. I just rapped for something like 20 bars trying to out Jay-Z, and this motherfucker just did it in eight bars.”

Pimp C also refused to travel to Trinidad for the video. They shot his scene in front of a beachfront mansion in Miami Beach, Florida.

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