Nicki Minaj talks overcoming writer’s block while creating ‘’Seeing Green’’

Nicki Minaj talks overcoming writer’s block while creating ‘’Seeing Green’’

had to send six different verses to match & 's lyrical par

It goes without saying that every writer, even the most talented ones, suffers from writer's block. Nicki Minaj is the latest artist to admit struggling to write a decent verse due to writer's block.

During a recent interview with , the ‘'Queen'' of opened up about having trouble to pen down a verse that would cup-tie those of Drake & Lil Wayne on ‘'Seeing Green .'' To put out the final verse, Nicki says she had to send six different verses to Drake.

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‘'I came out of writer's block with ‘Seeing Green,'” she began. “Literally, yes. How that happened was I texted Drake one time and was like, ‘The label wants to put out Beam Me Up Scotty and I was like I can't put out a mixtape and not give them something new.' I was like, ‘Yo, what's hot outside you think I should jump on?'
She added, explaining how the collab came about, “He texted me back to jump on this. I listened to the song and I was so out of it like, ‘Y'all put this out already?' Him and Wayne was already on it. He was like, ‘No.' I kept on trying to write to it and everything I was saying was just so stupid and bad.”
“Nobody knows what type of pressure that was,” the ‘'TROLLZ'' rapper revealed. “I sent Drake like six different verses.”

‘'Seeing Green'' was released on May 21 as part of her 2009 mixtape, Beam Me Up Scotty, that was uploaded on platforms on that day. Recorded while Nicki was pregnant, the song was of the few unheard tracks to be added on the reissued version of the mixtape. It was an instant hit and debuted at No. 12 on Hot 100.


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