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Fatlip was born on March 26


When was Fatlip born? Fatlip was born on March 26.

was born Derrick Lemel Stewart in Los Angeles in 1969. He was one of the original members of The Pharcyde. Known for his deep voice and conversational flow, he appeared on the group's first two albums before being kicked out of the group for not touring.

He tried a solo career and has continued t0 make . 2022 is the year he collaborated with Krayzie Bone from . The track is set to be part of a .

Biggie Unsigned Hype

The Notorious B.I.G. was featured in The Source’s ‘Unsigned Hype’ in 1992

What does “Floss” “Flossed” or “Flossing” mean?

What does “Floss” “Flossed” or “Flossing” mean?