Jay-Z hops on Pusha T’s latest track ‘Neck & Wrist’

For cocaine rap fans, yesterday (April 5) was Christmas. VA’s Pusha T featured Jay-Z over a Pharrell Williams beat for the latest cut, “Neck & Wrist,” from his forthcoming album It’s Almost Dry. This marks the third time these two have collaborated, fourth if you include both of their features on Kanye’s “So Appalled” in 2010.

First in the Beach with a million-dollar auto
Bring the cameraman, we can shoot our own Narcos
812 matte black, lookin’ like charcoal
I promise you the floor plan’s nothin’ like the model
Neck and wrist don’t lie
Neck and wrist don’t lie

Pusha-T “neck & Wrist”

The bridge is done by Pharrell, who has a deep history with both of these rappers. He, too hails from VA and helped put The Clipse on the map, and has also produced and rapped alongside Hov several times. The track comes just days after Jigga brought home a Grammy for his work with Kanye on Donda.