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Method Man launches ‘MEFaverse’ virtual graphic novel experience

Web 3.0 is shifting rap music, from crypto to NFTs. Wu-Tung co-founder Method Man is getting in on the metaverse with his MEFaverse. According to Forbes, it launched back in March with phase 2 rolling out on April 8. MEFaverse is “a graphic novel within the metaverse — a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection — aims to provide a safe haven for anyone interested in Hip Hop, comic books, skateboarding, gaming, Web 3.0, and art.”

Meth went on to say, “It is a fully gamified graphic novel experience built on Web 3, it is e-commerce, it is advertising, it is Hip Hop culture, tech, pop culture, entertainment, music, and, yes…residual income for holders that aren’t reliant on secondary market sales.” Experience the collection for yourself at