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Post Malone’s ‘rockstar’ originally featured T-Pain and Joey Badass


T-Pain and Joey Badass have revealed that Post Malone‘s smash hit ‘rockstar' originally featured both of them. In a now deleted tweet, confirmed that not only was he featured on the song, he also helped write it, making it his first #1 record.

Post Malone's 'rockstar' originally featured T-Pain and Joey Badass

In an interview with , confirmed Joey Badass was in the studio during the recording of ‘Rockstar' but he didn't mention his contributions to the record.

Post Malone & Joey Badass

“I was in , and we were at Quad . Some kid came in, and I guess he was in the session next door and he was like, ‘Hey? Can I play you some beats?' I'm like, ‘I guess so.' You know, I'm a nice guy, I like . I'll listen to your beats. He played the beat and it was incredible. His name is . He's a really young guy, and a really talented producer,” Post Malone explained. “So we did that, and Joey Badass was in there. We were just vibing on it and the melody was sick. We just cut like a little scratch vocal and we took it back to LA. I finished my part and sent it off to [21] Savage—and there it is.”

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Listen to the original version of ‘rockstar' below.

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