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J. Cole’s first rap name was Blaza

J. Cole used to rap as Blaza and The Therapist. J. Cole originally went by the moniker Blaza.

Before Jermaine Lamarr Cole was known as J. Cole, his first rap name was Blaza. He later switched it to The Therapist and then of course his now known moniker, J. Cole, before releasing The Come Up. J. Cole started rapping at the age of 12 but he didn’t take rapping seriously until he was 15 when he linked up with local rap group Bomm Sheltuh.

“A few years later, I realized Therapist sounded like a wrestler’s name, You know, like an alias. It didn’t feel real. J. Cole felt like my real name. That was a real natural fit. It didn’t feel like I was trying to be anything.” J. Cole told MTV.

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