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Famous Dex says he’s been sober for five months


Famous Dex has been struggling with addiction for years

Chicago rapper has been battling drug addiction for a good share of his career. On June 2, Dexter let his fans know that he's now doing better and has been clean for five months. ‘'I'm 5months sober God is good,'' the 28-year old wrote on .

Dex checked into rehab in December 2021 after sharing worrying photos of him looking like drugs tore him out. Many of his peers showed concern including his long-time friend who accompanied him to the rehab center. He got out in January 2021.

However, in March 2021, Dexter shared a video that raised concerns if he's really sobered up. In the video, the ‘'Japan'' rapper seems to struggle to pronounce words. ‘' “If you in LA and you know how to do hair, box braids, I got a thousand dollars for you, DM me now, ladies only,” Dexter said.

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