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Drake took 11 minutes to write his verse on Jack Harlow’s ‘’Churchill Downs’’


Drake wrote his ‘'Churchill Downs'' verse in front of Jack Harlow

released his sophomore album Come Home The Kids Miss You last month and one of the most interesting records on the project is the collaboration, ‘'Churchill Downs.'' According to , Drizzy wrote the verse in front of Jack in just eleven minutes. While speaking to on Off The Record podcast on Saturday (June 4), the rapper also said the 6 God wrote the verse while on the islands with Jack.

“I actually talked to Drake about that verse,” Yachty said. “He said he did that shit in like 11 minutes. He said he did that in front of Jack. That verse, he told me that … They did it when they were out there in the islands. He did it right in front of him.”

Unfortunately, the track had leaked before the album arrived. In a May interview with Hot 97, the Kentucky rapper shared his disappointment about the leak. “It hurt my feelings,” he stated. “I'm really tight about leaks. I don't bounce my so I haven't had leaks in a long time. I don't ride to my music while I'm working on an album… the only time we get to experience it is in the studio. I don't export demos because then you have demo-itis too.”

He also revealed that the leak hurt him more because it's a collaboration with his idol. “You ride to it and you can't change it because you get addicted to a version. And I don't want no leaks. That was heartbreaking, especially because that's an idol of mine. I wanted to control that moment, but it's destiny.”

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