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Kanye West to reportedly take one year break

Kanye West says he won't have a phone until 'Donda 2' dropsKanye West says he won't have a phone until 'Donda 2' drops

Ye is taking some time for himself

has been super active in the past one year. The rapper and mogul has released two albums in under a year, and has as well often been seen outside attending different kinds of events. He's also had to deal with his issues with his ex Kim Kardashian and struggling to spend enough time with his kids.

Upcoming rapper and 's associate featured on Complex's latest issue, where he spoke about a number of topics including his relationship with Ye. He revealed that ”Off The Grid” rapper is taking a year off and is not even directly speaking to many people. Vory himself had to communicate to the 45-year old billionaire via his assistant.

“The person who made me realize my twisted thoughts weren't so twisted was Ye, because we think alike,” Vory explained. “I was just talking to him today. We've been talking through my best friend who's also his assistant, because he hasn't been wanting to talk to anybody. He's taking a year off, and he was like, ‘Damn, you think Vory is going to be mad at me if I don't go to his release party?' And I was like, ‘Nah, you're straight, bro.' He's battling his own shit. That's my dog, I learned a lot from him.”

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