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21 Savage explains why young rappers go back to the hood after blowing up


21 Savage says young rappers are usually in a dilemma of leaving or staying in the hood

rapper is one of the most respected voices in today, because even as big as he is now, the 29-year old rapper has seen it all, from the street life to hustling his way to the stardom. In an interview at Math Hoffa's latest My Expert Opinion virtual episode, the rapper shared his thoughts to why young rappers return to the hood even after signing lucrative deals.

‘'Nowadays niggas wake up bro, and put a clip on Instagram, upload a video on YouTube, now the label just go and they just give him a million dollars,'' he began. ‘'This nigga just 19. So naturally, he wanna like, his hood bro I made it. So he back in his hood. Now he looking out for his hood. But it's a catch 22. Cause it's like ‘I can make it and forget about my hood and my hood will tryna you know, whatever whatever.''

He added, ‘'Look out for my hood and now I can catch a RICO. So it's like, it's like a catch 22. It's like, it's like, it ain't like I can't really explain. It's just like the time we livin' in niggas blow up so fast – they the niggas they beefin' with they mad ‘cause he just got signed or whatever the and niggas know you'll be riding here. You 19 where else you should go, you know what I'm sayin'. So that's why it's like that.''

21 Savage isn't the first rapper to speak out about this issue. Other artists like Louisiana legend have in the past discouraged young rappers from living in the cities they grew up in.

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