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Roddy Richh arrested in New York for gun charges

Roddy Richh was arrested on his way to perform at The Governor’s Ball this weekend

Rapper Roddy Richh was supposed to perform at the The Governor’s Ball in Queens, New York, this weekend but his set was cancelled after the ‘’25 Million’’ rapper was busted with a loaded firearm. As TMZ reports, the vehicle the rapper and two others were riding in was stopped at a check point on their way to the The Governor’s Ball , and police found a gun loaded with nine rounds of ammo, and a large number of ammo feeding device.

The Compton rapper has been slapped with 4 counts of criminal possession of a weapon, possession of a large capacity ammo feeding device and unlawful possession of that device.

The Governor’s Ball festival announced Saturday night (June 11) that Roddy’s set had been cancelled. ‘’Unfortunately is no longer performing today.’’

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