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Suge Knight reportedly intimidated 50 Cent during ‘’In Da Club’’ video shoot


D12's Bizarre recalls a moment Suge Knight pulled up on 50 Cent's ‘'In Da Club'' set

Former Los Angeles mogul 's reputation in the music was both admirable and quite frightening. There are many stories of Suge violently handling some of his artists as well as label heads.

's Bizarre recently sat down for a chat with Math Hoffa where he recounted an incident where Suge Knight arrived at 's ‘'In Da Club'' video set. “I know it sounds like a f*cking made-up movie, but it's really true,” Bizarre said. “We was shooting the ‘In Da Club' video and somebody said, ‘Suge Knight here!' And I was at the bar, the gang was there… 50 was like, ‘What's up man whatchu wanna do?'”
Suge didn't say a word. “Suge looked at him and he took a puff of his cigar, and he blew it out and he did like this, and he left. Just some L.A.-type sh*t, intimidation-type sh*t.”

Bizarre also talked about how 50 Cent's arrival at Shady/Aftermath Records had them all up their security protocols. He said they “had to roll out the military” with “bulletproof vests” and cars.

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