Post Malone discusses past struggles with alcohol addiction

Post Malone says his fiancée & Justin Bieber helped him out

As he continues to move around promoting his , Twelve Carat Toothache, recently featured on an interview with The Howard Stern where he discussed a wide range of topics including his personal life. The rapper recalled past hard times when he was at his peak of alcohol abuse.

“It was to a really rough point, and I couldn’t get up off the floor for weeks, ” he began. “It was screwdrivers, it was vodka and it was bodying fifths and trying to hang in there and talking to people who weren’t f*cking there.” However, Post revealed that he’s “responsible now” after receiving “so much guidance” from friends like .

He added that his fiancée played a key role in helping him change his ways. “I met a really beautiful person that made me feel like a human being again,” he explained. “It’s the guidance out of the dark into the light. She saved my f*cking life—it’s pretty epic.”

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