Watch Lil Durk & Doodie Lo ‘’Did Shit To Me’’ music video


Lil Durk & Doodie Lo join forces in new music video

Chicago rapper continues to apply pressure as he comes through with a brand new record featuring fellow Illinois and rapper . Titled ”Did Shit To Me,” the Jerry Production video premiered on Wednesday (June 22).

The visuals feature the two MCs flexing stacks of cash, jewelry, and luxury cars. Smurk & Doodie trade bars throughout the record, including on the hook. ‘'Smurk, He From The ‘Raq (‘Raq), Doodie, He From Kankakee, Smurk, He Love That Switch, Doodie Love That .223, These N*ggas Wanna Diss, Fu*k That Shit, Keep It In The Streets, Why They Be All On My D*ck? They Still Mad From Me And Keef (Man What), They Ain't Never Do Shit To Me (Did Shit, Never Ever), They Ain't Never Did Shit To Me (Man What),'' Durk & Doodie rap on the chorus.

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