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Michael Jackson reportedly refused to work with 2Pac over loyalty to Biggie


Quincy Jones III says Michael Jackson turned down 2Pac's collab because ‘'He liked Biggie''

and could have collaborated on the former's song, ‘'Thug Nature,'' but according to Quincy ‘'QD3'' Jones, MJ turned down a request from ‘Pac's team to hop on the record over loyalty to .

“So I set up a meeting at Neverland [Ranch],” Jones III told BET, as noted by HipHopDx. “I go up there and told Michael about it. And do you know what Micheal said? He liked Biggie.”

The record was supposed to appear on ‘Pac's album, The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, but was consequently scrapped. It was a sample of MJ's ”Human Nature” from Thriller album.

“‘Pac would take all my beats including the ones I would never play for people,” Quincy added. “I learned a lesson that you gotta be spontaneous more and he taught me how to just think and just do it. ‘Pac would get irritated when you sat there and fiddled with sounds almost like you were disrespecting his time a little bit.”

He continued, “I would say he was manic. There would be moments that called for quiet voice and candles and all that and he would be screaming and smoking Newports. He was on fire with this manic push. He was always pushing. You could tell he wasn't comfortable in some way and there was something that was making him uncomfortable.”

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