Denzel Curry explains his negative reaction towards ‘CLB’ & ‘Donda’


Denzel Curry was disappointed with both Drake & Kanye West's albums

Florida rapper had tongues wagging in May when he publicly criticized 's , and 's . According to the rapper, the albums simply didn't reach his expectations. “Donda and CLB could've been better yall niggas rich and got the greatest musicians at your disposal,” he wrote on before adding, “The artwork for both projects were booty.”

The 27-old recently featured on Spin cover, where he explained his rant against the two chart–topping 2021 albums.

“I was looking forward to Drake's album, 'cause Drake always got something. But then, when you get them albums, you're like, ‘What the fuck are you doing?'” Curry explained.

“We don't even really need to talk about West, it's Kanye West,” he added. “But for [Kanye and Drake] to go out, and go against each other and make that subpar work with the resources they have. These are the same producers it's hard for me to reach out to because they don't see the return. You've got all these resources, and y'all made subpar albums. I had limited resources, and I made a great one. That shouldn't happen,” he said while referring to his March album, Melt My Eyes Melt Your Future.

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