Bahamadia was born on April 22


When was Bahamadia born? Bahamadia was born on April 22.

Philly rapper was born Antonia D. Reed in 1966. She is well-known for her album Kollage and works with , , , Jedi Mind Tricks, and others. Her poetic and east coast flow put her in the rap underground with , Sadat X, Rah Digga, and other 1990s- artists making names for themselves before social media.

Her style is conscious rap influenced heavily by jazz. She recorded a song called “Chaos” with and Hi-Tek, known collectively as Reflection Eternal, for the Soundbombing Vol II album. Her other two albums are BB Queen and 2005's Good Rap . She also has a Dialed Up mixtape series.

New Music Friday (April 22nd, 2022)

New Music Friday (April 22nd, 2022)

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