Grandmaster Caz was born on April 17


When was born? Grandmaster Caz was born on April 17.

Grandmaster Caz was born Curtis Brown on April 18, 1960. His stage name is Grandmaster Caz or  Fly. Caz is a American rapper, songwriter, and DJ who's worked with Debra Harris as a celebrity tour . He allegedly wrote an uncredited verse on “Rapper's Delight”. CEO of GMC Entertainment Inc.

Hush Hip Hop Tours is a cultural sightseeing tour company hosted by Caz in  City. Caz is a board member of The Kennedy Center‘s Hip-Hop Council, Hip-Hop Ambassador, and board member for Windows of HipHop.


Redman was born on April 17

 Following a four-month-long battle with COVID-19, legendary New York DJ Kay Slay passed away at the age of 55. 

Legendary DJ Kay Slay Has Passed Away At The Age of 55