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Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” was actually recorded in Marvin Gaye’s studio room

Drake's "Marvin's Room" was actually recorded in Marvin Gaye's studio room

Drake‘s “Marvin’s Room” was actually recorded in Marvin’s Room (originally named Marvin Gaye Studios), a recording studio founded by Marvin Gaye in Los Angeles, California.

Marvins Room debuted on Drake’s official blog October’s Very Own on June 9, 2011. The song was the first single released from Drake’s second album Take Care. In the song, an inebriated Drake calls an ex while he’s in a club and vents his feelings of being lonely, reminiscing the good times they had, and trying to get her to leave her new man.

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The studio was built in 1975, Marvin Gaye recorded numerous of his late-1970s records here including his album, I Want YouHere, My Dear, and the hit single “Got to Give It Up”.