Ari Lennox explains to J. Cole what her upcoming album means to her


Ari Lennox's next album means a lot to her

boss recently went on Instagram to reveal that he “fucks with” 's upcoming album, Age/Sex/Location, which drops September 9. He also shared what Ari had to say about the project.

“I asked Ari what this means to her,” Cole wrote under the screenshot of the pair's text chat. “I needed to know cuz I fuck with it so heavy.”

He added: “What I hear is the highs, lows, joys and pains of dating life in 2022. But her answer made it even deeper for me. Appreciate you @arilennox Looking forward to the rest of the world hearing it.”

After Cole asked what the project means to her, Ari gave a detailed response. “Trasitional space. Very vulnerable and codependent and validation seeking park of my life,” Ari wrote.

“I remember the countless times I was kicked out of dating apps because they didn't think I was really myself, it reminded me of those age/sex/location days where I actually wasn't being myself in those chat rooms. I spent so much time seeing the god and good in some abusive people.”

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