Young Thug’s RICO case: Police want to seize rapper’s property acquired during arrest


Young Thug insists to be the lawful owner of the valuables

is fighting to maintain ownership of valuables seized during his arrest in May along with Lil Duke as part of a 28-people indictment in a RICO sweep against .

Court documents seen by Allhiphop reveal that the State of filed a complaint for forfeiture to keep a number of Thug's luxury cars, 87 pieces of jewelry, $149,426, and clothing.

The “Bubbly” rapper's attorney Steel requested the complaint for forfeiture to be dismissed arguing that the items were seized unlawfully.

“Forfeiture of the seized property is barred by the prohibition against excessive fines set forth in the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution,” Steel said.

He continued, “[Young Thug] is the lawful owner of the seized property. Claimant obtained the seized property through legitimate transactions whereby the property was either purchased in lawful arms length transactions and the money used to purchase said seized property was lawfully earned through legitimate employment; or the items were gifted to Claimant by persons who have untainted funds.”

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