Fat Joe explains how Big L ruined his relationship with Mase


Fat Joe remembers Big L involving him in a disagreement with Mase

recently sat for an interview with 's Hotboxin' podcast where he recalled an incident at venue The Tunnel that saw the late hurt his friendship with .

“One time I got set up. Rest in peace Big L, [he] comes up to me in The Tunnel and he's like ‘Yo, Crack, come bring your n-ggas, I got some beef,” Joe recounted. “So we come — Big L's our brother, you know Diggin' in the Crates — and when I come up, it's fucking Ma$e. He's arguing with Ma$e, they from the same block!

“I'm like, ‘I was hanging out with Ma$e the night before at Puffy's studio!' Ma$e was looking at me like I was the greatest snake ever lived. He's like, ‘For real?' I'm sitting there and, you know, L is my crew so L was like, ‘We will fuck you up right now, we don't give a fuck, it's whatever.”

Joe went on to remember L asking him, “Right, Joe?” Before Joe nodded his head. “I don't think Ma$e ever trusted me again in my life after that,” he added. “That shit was foul, man.”

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