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Offset unveils new album release date


Offset to drop his second solo album in November

shares the release date for his upcoming album. The rapper announced on Wednesday (September 21) that the album will hit platforms on November 11. He's yet to reveal its title.

He tweeted, “11/11/22,” before adding, “Album.”

“This is just the beginning,” Offset said of the album during an August interview with SSENSE. “It's just gutter and core, from the heart. I got a lot of different flows on it. I'm rapping, even though I see a lot of the artists nowadays, they like auto tuning. A lot. I feel like I'm not on that wave at all. When I came in, we came out the trenches, so that's what people want to hear, because that's what people go through every day. Ain't nobody driving a Wraith.”

He continued, “[In] culture right now, and the world in general, the poors outweigh the rich one thousand percent. So you gotta talk about shit that's going on in real life. Just the real content of what people see every day. Go back to that.”

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