Ice Cube says he wrote two new ‘Friday’ movie scripts but Warner Bros rejected them both


Ice Cube has tried to continue ‘Friday' without success

recently made an appearance on N.O.R.E & 's Drink Champs where he made a promising yet disappointing revelation about a fourth Friday movie. The Compton legend said Warner Bros rejected two separate scripts he wrote for the film.

“I'm trying to get it out of Warner Brothers, they don't believe in the culture man,” Cube explained. “I had two scripts. I wrote one; it was the shit. They was like, ‘Yo, we don't want Craig and Day-Day in jail, 'cause Craig and Day-Day went to jail for selling weed before it was legal!”

“Then after they rejected it they had all these fucking movies about going to jail: Orange Is The New … Get Hard,” he continued. “So then I wrote another script, and the script was really about … the youngsters in the hood having beef with the OG's in the hood and Craig has to come back and squash that because Smokey's son is the new Deebo and he's wylin! They tripped on it man, they fucked around and then John Witherspoon passed. Then Deebo passed … they just fucked it up.”

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New Music Friday (October 7th, 2022)

New Music Friday (October 7th, 2022)