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Jim Jones urges weed business owners to step up their game now amid Joe Bidden’s pardon plans


Jim Jones thinks decriminalization of marijuana is healthy for business but bussiness runners need to act quicky

legend shares his take on Joe Bidden's plans to decriminalize marijuana and pardon thousands of inmates convicted of such offenses. During a conversation with TMZ, Jones advised weed owners to quickly seize the opportunity.

“I think it's dope that he's decriminalizing it across all the boards and trying to actually get them to take it off the level of heroin and fentanyl,” Jones explained.

“It's dope because there are still thousands and thousands of people locked up right now for weed offenses, which is crazy,” he added. “Finally Biden has done something that's correct.”

While explaining that the business will have its setbacks, he added, “You gotta think outside the box sometimes.”

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