Lil Yachty’s viral song “Poland” earns him an invite from Polish Prime Minister


Lil Yachty's new song “Poland” has been getting heavy rotation

is enjoying the spotlight right now thanks to his latest track, “Poland,” which has gone viral on social media since its release last week. According to HipHopDx, the rapper could be visiting the European country soon, with an invitation from the nation's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas recently sent Lil Boat a screenshot of a chat he had with Prime Minister Morawiecki about the rapper's trip to the country.

“Thank you for the call,” Pee wrote to Prime Minister Morawiecki. “Let's make arrangements to get Mr. Yachty to [your] country to celebrate.”

The Polish leader replied, “Will check the schedule and get back with you. Thank you for your time.”

At first, Yachty didn't recognize the Polish PM, but replied “oh shit” upon learning about him from .

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