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Tee Grizzley wants to give his fans a TV show experience with ‘Chapter Of The Trenches’ album


Tee Grizzley's album ‘Chapter Of The Trenches' will comprise of 13 videos

is getting set to unveil his next album, Chapter Of The Trenches, on Friday (October 14). During a recent interview with HipHopDx, the Detroit rapper says he wants the storytelling album to have a TV effect on his listeners.

Last month, Grizzley premiered all 13 videos from the album at a viewing party. He has been dropping videos from the album every Tuesday. Thus far, he's released visuals for “Robbery 4,” “Jay & Twan 1,” “Ms. Evans 1,” “Tez & Tone 1″ and “Jay & Twan 2.”

“You got to have some type of experience with this stuff,” Grizzley explains how experience, imagination and creativity has helped him create the album. “You got to have some type of experience, you got to have imagination and you got to be creative. You got to have experience because you got to know how people will respond to certain things.

“You got to have imagination because you got to put some great shit in there. And then with creativity, you got to have that because, at the end, how will you leave people wanting more of this?”

Grizzley adds, “I watch TV shows, and one thing that I like about them and that makes me want to keep watching them is I got to see what's going to be on the next episode.”

“I like TV series better than movies because it lasts longer and leaves you wanting more.”

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New Music Friday (October 14th, 2022)

New Music Friday (October 14th, 2022)