Lil Yachty explains whether he actually took wock to “Poland,” song debuts on Hot 100 Chart


Lil Yachty says he made “Poland” for his next album

's latest song “Poland” debuted at No. 65 on Hot 100 this week after it went viral online. During a recent conversation on ZIAS, Yachty explained how the record came about.

“I'ma tell y'all the truth. I was in the studio, right, working on my …I was actually just trolling. My mans was just drinking a Poland Springs water bottle ” Lil Boat said. “Yeah, I mean obviously I had some wock, but he had a Poland Springs water bottle.”

He added that he released the track since it had leaked before it was finished. “It leaked, and that's why I was like, technically it's not finished. It's just a verse,” he explained. On whether he actually took wock to the European country, Yachty said he has never “but now I got to.”

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