Lil Pump denies J. Cole predicted his fall off: “I’m still here”


Lil Pump says he “fucks with” J. Cole

Florida rapper doesn't think he's nowhere close to being musically irrelevant. He recently sat down for a chit chat with The Bootleg Kev Podcast where he blatantly denounced assumptions that prophesied his downfall on his 2018 song “1985.”

“Nope,” Pump answered when he was asked about the accuracy of Cole's predictions. “Because I'm still here. I got two houses … I don't think he predicted shit,” he added. “I fuck with J. Cole,” the “Mosh Pit” rapper continued, before expounding that he has “no problems” with him.

“Yeah, he was trying to understand the young generation,” Pump said while trying to explain why Cole made the comments. “At that time, people didn't understand what was going on with the . They were like, ‘There's this new wave coming in, we don't understand it, but we're just gonna roll with it.'”

J. Cole took shots at “amateur rappers” on the song that appeared on his 2018 album, KOD, questioning their longevity stamina in the rap game. Pump took offense and responded to Cole on Instagram.

“One day, them kids that's listening gon' grow up / And get too old for that shit that made you blow up / Now your 's lookin' light cause they don't show up / Which unfortunately means the money slow up,” Cole rapped on the record.

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