Houston Police Chief vows to catch Takeoff’s killer


Police are yet to make an arrest in Takeoff's killing

A month is fast-approaching since was shot to death in a Houston bowling ally, but the authorities are yet to identify the killer(s). Houston Police Chief Troy Finner talked to KPRC 2 this week where he asked people to be patient and promised to solve Take's murder.

“I feel good where we're progressing,” Finner said. “You remember on that day, I met with his mother. I talked with that lady personally, made a promise and there's a lot being said. We want all investigations on murders when people are being killed to move. But the main thing is we get it right.”

He continued, “I do not want to send family members on a roller coaster ride and then we have to come back and say, ‘Woah, that wasn't the person.' I want everyone to be patient and just understand there will be some justice here in Houston, Texas.”

Finner added that he cannot unveil any updates since investigations are ongoing. “I don't want to discuss any details on it, but I can tell you that we will find this person and we will identify the person or persons responsible for Takeoff's death,” he stated. “I don't like talking too much while investigations are going on. I'm a person that says, ‘You know what? Let people talk.' But my talking is when we get that person and we put them in jail.”

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