Busta Rhymes appreciates young artists remaking old songs as a way of paying homage to the OGs


Busta Rhymes still thinks the OGs deserve their respect

has no problems with young artists recreating old classics, especially as a way of paying homage to the OGs. While recently speaking to Billboard, Busta asserted that this trend helps connect different generations.

“There's a long list of shit that the new artists is doing over, so they obviously feel the need to tap in with the timeless greatness,” Busta Rhymes said. “If that's your way of paying homage, we salute it. But even beyond that, we just like the fact that y'all think it's dope enough to do it on your own. It's almost like when you see a [muthafuckas] taking the initiative to do something, that encourages you to want to help push them in that direction even more.”

After explaining the importance of the young cats looking up to the ones who came before them, he pointed out that respect must not be compromised.

“The respect still has to be upheld,” he declared. “That doesn't give you a green light to disrespect a [elder] that might not look like they're holding themself together. That same [artist] might have had to sacrifice a lot not knowing better, whether it was through or just being a knucklehead, but still trailblazed a way for you to do what you do.”

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