NBA Youngboy claims he’s rejecting $15M tours


NBA Youngboy is okay with staying at his house

is enjoying his time living at his house in Utah. In a clip shared on Instagram this week, the Baton Rouge artist he's turning down every tour offered to him, even if it's worth $15M. The rapper revealed that he's had time for himself and his daughter.

“I done found time for myself,” he explained. “Every $15 million tour come my way getting turned down. I don't wanna do another . I don't want nothing but a bigger house. It gave me time for myself. My daughter know who I am – I know who I am.”

In July, YB, who had been placed on house arrest in 2021, announced that he is planning to tour the United States. “Shit, the tour is ready,” Youngboy's manager Junnier confirmed in September. “We got 30 cities. Yeah, Dallas is on there. Houston on there, not first though! You guys know what stop is first. Nah, Jacksonville not on there. Yeah Philly … Chicago on there. on there. Rondo on the tour, yup. South Carolina on there.”

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