NBA Youngboy is ready to sell his hard drive for $100M and quit rapping


NBA Youngboy is ready to sell his hard drive, but for nine figures

Over the years, has built a reputation for dropping so much in a short period, thus it's clear he spends a good deal of time in the booth, and probably has a huge catalog of unreleased music.

The 22-year-old rapper hopped on Instagram stories Wednesday (November 23), offering to sell his hard drive with unreleased music for $100M, and he'll “never again.”

“You can have it for 100million and I'll never rap again on everything,” he captioned a photo of his hand holding the drive.

Youngboy's rant doesn't come long since he bashed out other artists who sell their catalog just to “catch up” with him. “These bitch-ass n-ggas heard how I got that bag. I had these bitch ass n-ggas sell their whole catalog to catch up, man. Fuck you,” the “Hi Haters” artist said in a video shared online.

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