Roddy Ricch proves $500K performance fee with Governor’s Ball receipts


Roddy Ricch provides proof of how much he charges for festivals

sparked a lot of discussions and doubts when a video recently circulated of him saying he charges $500K for festivals. The rapper made the revelation in a preview of an unreleased interview on The Joe Bidden Podcast.

“How much would you offer right now?” Roddy asked the hosts, including Joe Bidden. After the hosts suggested a fee between $50K and $300K, the Compton artist responded, “half a million,” before adding, “I'm just being honest with you.”

After the rapper faced doubts about his festival fee, he shared the receipts from Governor's Ball Festival, which shows he was to be paid $500K. He was supposed to be given $50K upfront within 30 days prior to the festival, and the rest were to come three days later.

Back in June, Roddy was booked to grace the stage at the Governor's Ball in , but was arrested after a search at the entry. Police reportedly found a loaded gun and a “large magazine” in the car he was riding in.

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