Cardi B addresses the theory that she’s “scared” to drop her next album in fear of low sales


Cardi B denies that she's afraid of dropping her album

released her last album, Invasion Of Privacy, in 2018 and fans have been eagerly waiting to see what she'll have to offer on her sophomore studio effort. As fans continue to talk about 's alleged 2K first-week , user duprii3 claimed that Bardi is delaying her album in fear that it won't be as successful as its predecessor.

“This girl right here is literally the prime example of how y'all pick and choose who y'all gon' say something about and who y'all gon' critique on they career,” duprii3 said beside Cardi's photo. “This girl has not released a album since 2018, that's going on six years. She's scared to release, but y'all ain't said nothing.” He added that Cardi “is scared to see those numbers, that's all it is.”

In a since-deleted tweet, Cardi addressed the theory, saying she is “never afraid of numbers” and that she doesn't need to drop another album to keep making money, noting that she still earns good money off her diamond records like “Bodak Yellow” and “I Like It.”

“I'm never afraid of numbers honey,” she wrote. “And I don't gotta put an another album if I want to I EATS GOOD OF MY diamond records alone [wink emoji]. Don't drag other bitches to make your point drag the man that's running their mouth…Grown man!”

She continued that her album will be followed by a world tour thus she needs to prepare herself “mentally & physically.”

“I am a human baby.. when I drop my album I'm touring the world,” she continued. “I gotta mentally & physically prepare myself for all of that .I didn't have management for 2 years and now I'm feelin ready ..I DO THINGS ON MY TIME MY WAY.”

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