Russ says he turned down $50M to sell his catalog in new song


Russ equates his catalog to his soul

Independent rapper linked up with producer Boi-1-Da for his latest single, “Too Much” released on Friday (December 9). On the first verse, the New Jersey native claimed that he rejected a deal to sell his catalog for $50M. “$50 million for the catalog, I turnt down () / I'm makin' money every second, you should learn how,” he spits.

Before he dropped the gem, the rapper shared a snippet of the song on and further explained why he refused to sell his catalog. “They offered me $50,000,000 for my catalogue and I turned it down because my soul is not for sale,” he wrote in the caption.

Popular producer saw the post on RapTV and shared his thoughts, denouncing the idea that one's catalog is their soul. “My catalog is not my soul,” he wrote.

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