Takeoff’s suspected killer to hire private investigator after judge grants him $5K


Takeoff's murder suspect granted funds to conduct private investigation

The suspect in 's killing requested the judge presiding over the case to grant him $5K so that he could hire a private investigator in a motion filed on Monday (December 5). Per NBC News, the judge granted the request after the defendant, Patrick Xavier Clark's family claimed that they'd exhausted all their funds paying for his legal fees.

The court will offer the private investigator, who agreed to be paid a lower than usual, a laptop and a printer to help him with the investigation.

According to police, during the time of his arrest, Clark had applied for a passport to Mexico. He also had a large amount of cash on him at the time. Clark's legal defense contended that the trip was already planned and that it was later canceled.

“That was something that was already pre-planned, and it was canceled before he was arrested. So, I think that's important. He wasn't trying to go anywhere,” lawyer Letitia Quinones of Quinones & Associates argued.

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