Snoop Dogg recalls 2Pac teaching him how to dress like a “pimp”


Snoop learned from Pac how to roll like a “star”

is one of the most prominent rappers across all generations, but according to his recent revelation, he owes a lot to the late . During a recent sit-down on The 85 South Comedy, the Compton native recounted his then Deathrow Records colleague training him how to dress like a “pimp” after he dropped his , Doggystyle.

“I'm still dressing like a n-gga from the hood — khakis, Chucks,” Snoop explained. “That n-gga like, ‘Me and you finna have a meeting… We stepping our game up. We gotta change your look, Snoop Dogg. You a pimp, n-gga. Bitches love you. You fly. You gotta start showing your fly side!

“‘I'ma get you suited up.' ‘I'ma call this nigga Dion Scott, get your suits fitted, get your hair laid, get your nails done. Put some pimpin' on screen, n-gga.'”

Snoop went on to discuss how he got used to the new looks. “He dressed me up in suits, Louis Vuitton, Gucci — shit I couldn't even spell or pronounce! All this Italian shit,” he added. “Just look at how I'm standing next to cuh when I'm wearing it. I'm trying to figure it out! I'm like, ‘Do I look right? I hope I don't look sweet 'cause these pants tight as a muthafucka!'

“Once I got comfortable with it, then it was like, ‘OK, this n-gga's teaching me how to be a star.' Like, levels and layers. ‘We know you gangsta, dawg, but can you go higher than that? What if a n-gga call you to be in a movie where they want you to be a lawyer? What if a n-gga wants you to be a detective?”

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