2Pac’s stepfather released from prison on parole


Pac's stepdad is home with his family after 35 years of imprisonment

's stepfather Mutulu Shakur was released from prison on Friday (December 16) after spending 35 years behind bars. According to his official website managed by his family & friends, Shakur was granted parole “based on federal law guidelines for ‘old law' prisoners, finding that Dr. Shakur poses no threat to the community, taking into consideration his exemplary conduct in prison, his medical condition and how much time he has served.”

The statement added: “Family & Friends of Mutulu Shakur (FFMS) is greatly appreciative of everyone's support over the course of Mutulu's decades in prison. We ask that everyone respect Dr. Shakur's privacy while he spends the holidays with his family and concentrates on his health and healing.”

The 72-year-old Mutulu, who was an activist and health advocate, was sentenced to prison for the 1981 Brinks armored vehicle heist that resulted in the deaths of two cops and a security guard. Mutulu is said to be living his last days since the authorities revealed that his blood cancer is no longer treatable.

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