Ice Cube explains why the first ‘Friday’ movie was more important than the others


Cube says the first installment of ‘Friday' was more “impactful”

and his Mount Westmore partners and recently pulled up at 's Rock The Bells Radio where he described why the first Friday film was more “impactful,” especially in discouraging gun violence.

LL brought up the infamous scene where the late John Witherspoon urged Cube's character Craig to drop his gun and fight with his hands. Cube explained that the scene alone makes the film very influential. “It was an important scene and that's why the first Friday is so impactful over the other ones,” Cube explained. “Because if you look at the other ones, they don't have that moment in the movie.

“So it took a comedy and it took the laughter, and it was a teachable moment. It was dramatic in a movie that was so funny. It was impactful because what he was saying was some real shit.”

He added, “It's cool because it was like, ‘Yo, I would have never moved in this neighborhood if you needed a goddamn gun to walk down the street.' That's impactful. Before Friday, shit was so crazy in the hood when I had it written that [Witherspoon] was like, ‘You going down the street? Take this [gun] with you.'”

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