Kurupt remembers Biggie’s wife Faith Evans meeting 2Pac at Death Row studios


Kurupt admits he was present when Big's wife Faith Evans visited 2Pac

Veteran rapper confirms he was present when 's wife Faith Evans visited in a studio. Speaking to The Art Of Dialogue, Kurupt recalled running into Evans when she visited Can-Am in Tarzana, California where Pac was at the time.

Kurupt explained that upon spotting Evans, he left for obvious reasons. This was the time Pac and Big's rivalry had peaked and rapper added that the latter recorded “Hit ‘Em Up” shortly after. In the song, which was a diss towards Big, Pac claims that he smashed his nemesis' wife.

“When ‘Hit ‘Em Up' dropped, that was around the time everything was fresh. 2Pac and Biggie was fresh, because this was after Faith came to the studio,” Kurupt recalled. “She came to work and, you know, we was all looking like, ‘Damn! That's Faith, cuz!'… Then he made ‘Hit ‘Em Up' [laughs]. That fast.”

He continued, “She walked in — boom! ‘What's up, Kurupt?' I looked. ‘Damn!' I'm like, ‘Wow, I'm going home [laughs]. I'm finna go home 'cause this right here? This is real. This is Biggie's wife — with ‘Pac, though. So I'm just gonna go home. I don't wanna be up here for this, this is a lot.'

“As soon as they went in the studio to go work, I said, ‘I'm going home, cuz. I don't want Faith to be calling back to telling Biggie she saw Kurupt.' She gonna say that, but I'm gone! ‘Cause Biggie's my homeboy and ‘Pac is my brother.”

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